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A concoction of the worlds most inspired thinkers, the TED stage is a global platform where cutting edge ideas converge and millions are inspired day in, day out. In short, TED Talks are short videos (under 18 minutes) from some of the most engaging speakers around the world who have contributed in instilling a positive change in the society. With time, TED talks have grown increasingly diverse and is known as a universally recognized platform where innovators of every discipline, background, and culture present their awe-inspiring ideas and groundbreaking findings.
But what remains constant is a nonprofit organization committed to the spreading of great ideas and a deeper understanding of the society and making this world a better place.Founded in 1984, TED was conceived in Monterey California. Now in its 30th year, it has a TEDx community spanning over 150 countries with it's TED Conference taking place each year in Vancouver, British Columbia. And in this age of digitization, new TED talks are posted every day on Ted.com with subtitles, transcripts, and translations, making it further accessible worldwide.
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TEDx is a global initiative which was born in 2009 to spread ideas further and to enable individuals and communities worldwide to hold independent events. The idea was to a form a globalized community allowing speakers from around the world to orchestrate their own change in a local community.TEDx events can be organized by anyone in their community after obtaining a license from TED. In fact, TED provides very specific guidelines which need to be followed by the organizers.
This helps provide a TED-like experience which inspires, educates and motivates the audience.TEDx is a platform that gives remarkable people around the world a chance to come out and share their ideas and perspectives with the rest of society, thus giving us new, insightful and exciting ways of looking at the world around us. There are over 3.26 million views in the TEDx youtube channel from 178 cities and 70 countries across the globe.
TEDxMSIT forms a society that gathers people with innovative skillset and mind that knows no bounds. With a highly rich heritage and a blazing future, we provide the ideal platform for people who want to make a difference. The mega event that has been conducted for the last two years sees it's third this time around and it is working in lieu to surpass all the previous marks. In the last years we had some great individuals who blessed our stage. Likes of Syed Salludin Pasha, Neeti Palta, Chad Norberg, Ankon Mitra, Kamla Bhasin just to name a few.
With the motto of ideas worth spreading, all of us really learnt a lot from prior experiences. Last year’s theme, 'light the bulb’ gained a lot of recognition from all its audience and grabbed a lot of eyeballs.The aim for the third literary is to go past all the prior rejuvenation and for this the team has worked tremendously hard as an unit to seek in minutely all the offbeat minds in the campus after some good lot work. The five departments that forms the society, works in synchronisation with each other.

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